ENSTA Bretagne academic training

ENSTA Bretagne academic training

ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA Bretagne is a French national graduate and post graduate engineering institute which offers three year engineering programs to both civilian and military students. The courses are of high quality and are designed to ensure that students acquire an excellent level of expertise in their chosen field of Engineering. ENSTA Bretagne graduates design, build and manage complex electronic and mechanical systems.


ENSTA Bretagne trains engineers in Hydrography competent in carrying out and validating hydrographic surveys. They can guaranty and certify hydrographic precision, carry out meteorological studies and adapt easily to new cutting edge measure instruments. They can also take part in the development of new sensors.


Robotics engineers from ENSTA Bretagne will work on a very wide range of projects  including service robots (drones and humanoids), survey and inspections robots (marine power plants, dams, …) and also dynamic systems optimization (vehicle engines, space systems).